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The DECLIC DEPOT store located a stone's throw from the Croisette, was created in 1997 to receive its customers in an exceptional setting, a real meeting place for the greatest fashion designers.
DECLIC DEPOT constantly exhibits and renews a selection of recent items (clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and luggage, etc.) from second-hand luxury brands.
All the current fashion trends are present to the delight of women who wish to dress differently, for the sake of quality and elegance, at unbeatable prices.
Learn more about the origin ...
Passionate about Vintage since her adolescence by hunting for rare pieces from the 1950s at the Clignancourt and Montreuil flea markets, Isabelle Apoux, Parisian, naturally created her own universe in the fashion world.
The craze for buying second-hand luxury items was just starting to spread with the creation of her first consignment store in 1995. She remembers that at the time it was not necessary to '' being in a busy street because depositors and buyers did not want to be seen or recognized.
Cannes, Monaco are considered to be villages where everyone knows each other and the wealthy and affluent clientele cannot afford to wear the same dress twice, which offered a second chance to all these wonders collected at home.
The red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival was a magnificent occasion to make them shine under the flash of photographers once again.
Very quickly, the activity developed to become a true luxury haunt for women. All the pieces were staged in the window as in a traditional shop, which was not very common at the time but helped to change second-hand mentalities in comparison to the thrift stores of yesteryear or an anthology of perfumes left a strong imprint on it that was not always pleasant.
Since the broadcast of numerous documentaries on the resale of second-hand luxury clothes, the establishment of sales depots of all kinds has continued to develop in all the cities of France and throughout the world until we see our more big stars, such as Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Kendall Jenner, Pénélope Cruz, Nathalie Portman, Meghan Markle and many more ... wear second-hand creations from the most prestigious fashion houses DIOR, MUGLER, VERSACE, COURREGES, SAINT LAURENT, CHANEL, etc ...
A real parallel market has been born and there is no longer any shame in saying that you buy and wear second-hand clothes.
Iconic bags, the most luxurious of these great houses are finally becoming accessible to a discerning clientele eager to get a good deal.
Technological development and social networks which are part of our daily life lead us to the creation of this new website under the name of our brand DECLIC DEPOT which has existed since 1995, with an English version in order to develop our activity and to retain our existing international customers.
The confidence shown in us by our numerous "buyers and depositors" customers over all these years has built our notoriety and confirmed us in the work that we do with the greatest respect and always just as passionately in the luxury sector.
Also, we are very happy to see you again and continue to satisfy you on the web. Do not hesitate to contact us, Isabelle, Claudia or even Samantha, our team is at your disposal and welcomes you.

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