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All our deposits are made by appointment at our DECLIC DEPOT store located at 6 rue Victor Cousin 06400 CANNES -
Phone. : 04 92 99 01 50.
Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
We can also offer you to come and collect your items at home, if your wardrobe is too large or if you cannot move.
You may be asked to send us some photos before our visit.
All items offered must meet specific criteria established by our store to ensure rigorous selection and quality sought by our loyal customers and must be in impeccable condition.
We only accept luxury items, from major designer brands such as CHANEL, HERMES, DIOR, VUITTON, GUCCI, PRADA, DOLCE & GABBANA, VALENTINO, SAINT LAURENT, etc. magnificent Croisette.
The deposits are staggered according to the seasons and renewed according to the calendar of the collections presented by all the great couturiers:
To drop off your SPRING / SUMMER clothes and accessories:
     - from January 20 to May 31
To drop off your FALL / WINTER clothes and accessories:
     - from July 15 to December 10
An expertise is made during your on-site appointment, subject to the conclusion of the deposit contract and the supporting documents presented in order to authenticate your item.
We also offer a paid service with one of our service providers and approved experts who can issue you a certificate of authenticity, if it is missing, in order to better promote your item to our customers.
An original copy of the "deposit contract" will be given to you at the day and time of your on-site meeting specifying the designation and estimate of each item selected by the DECLIC DEPOT store, as well as the General Conditions of Deposit.
The limited duration of your deposits is set at 3 months from the date indicated on the copy of your deposit contract, during which period we exhibit and sell all the items entrusted to you on your behalf. During this period, the depositor may not intervene in any way whatsoever, and in particular withdraw the article (s) deposited.
The days preceding the end of the deadline for your contract, we invite you to contact us to come and collect the items that have not been sold.
Payment for items sold is made at the end of each month by check payable to the depositor with his contract and his identity document.

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